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Playing the Relic in the Desert

Selfie in the Desert

My family and I took a trip down to Mesa, AZ to visit family and we had a blast!  We always drive straight through but this time we took a few days to travel down.  With Four kiddos, five and under, long trips seem to be longer.  We have to stop for potty breaks, diaper changes, and snacks.

The Relic goes everywhere with me!

Fortunately many of those stops entailed beautiful desert vistas including the 54 miles along US Route 93 northwest of Phoenix between the historic mining town of Wickenburg and the tiny town of Wikieup.  Here the Joshua Forest Scenic Parkway crosses the blurred boundary between the Sonoran and Mojave deserts in western Arizona.

I played the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly on the Relic Wowflute and got a few crazy pictures! We also stopped by the famous Nothing, AZ which is now something – they have installed a large cell-tower just behind the landmark, dilapidated Nothing sign.

Thanks to all our backers so far for sharing our project! We are now almost 50% funded with ten days to go!  I am confident that We can get this project funded and I can get to making some awesome Relic Wowflutes!

Nothing, AZ is Something Now

Joshua Forest Scenery