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Wowflute inspiration by Native Artists


Back in the mid 90’s, I learned how to play the Native American Flute (NAF).  I took the time to figure out where the different sounds were and organized it in my mind.  The NAF is very intuitive and easy to play and is most easily played by ear.  I spent countless hours listening to NAF on my Sony Walkman compact disk player and felt inspiration to create.  It was and is my thinking music.  Some folks find it relaxing enough to sleep to, but it wakes me up to new ideas and inspiration.

Album Cover for Burning Sky: Creation
Burning Sky: Creation Album Cover

The sound of the Wowflute its inspiration from many of the great Native American Flute players that are famous in the desert southwest of the USA.  The sounds that I heard from listening to their albums were sounds I wanted to make with my own creation.  I have always enjoyed the kind of music that is played on the NAF with deep feeling and I have several favorite Native musicians that have influenced me over the years.  The group Burning Sky is by far my favorite group and has had a tremendous influence in my life and the creation of my instruments.   Another great musician that I must give credit to is Mary Youngblood with her unique and inspiring music.  R. Carlos Nakai is also favorite.

Mary Youngblood: Dance with the Wind Album Cover
Mary Youngblood: Dance with the Wind Album Cover

2015 - Fingering Chart

The Wowflute has been created to make it easy to play intuitively like the NAF it draws its inspiration from.  I created the Wowflute to make the NAF sound, more accessible to everyone.  The fingering chart above details how to use the Wowflute and the range that it covers.  Each Handmade Wowflute will differ from the chart slightly and as such may require individual adaptation by the artist playing.  I wanted to create a way for people to be creative and to create their own unique tones and songs.  The ability to be creative is innate in the human race and I believe the Wowflute helps to perpetuate this individual creativity.  I have seen some of the creative ways folks use the Wowflute.  I have had people buy them specifically for the colorful swirls; something to hang on their rear-view mirror.  Some buy a Wowflute to create music from the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.  Others buy it for creating their own unique music wherever they are.  The Wowflute is versatile and allows for playing almost anywhere.  Its small size makes it easy to be worn around the neck and under clothes for an indiscreet musical instrument.  It is perfect for hiking as it only weighs 1/2 ounce.

I hope the Wowflute will be an inspiration to others to create just as the Native American Flute inspired me to create.  If you have a Wowflute, take a moment to learn to play it in some quite environment – whether it be the hills, the desert, or your own backyard. The Wowflute has the potential to make beautiful music when you take the time to develop your own intuitive sounds.  If you are just coming across the Wowflute for the first time, feel free to comment with any questions below.