What is a wowflute

What is a Wowflute?  A Wowflute is a closed-vessel flute that is based on the NAF (Native American Flute).  It is a six hole flute configured with four finger holes on top and two thumb holes on the bottom.  It is generally played by ear like the NAF.  We have created a tableture system to make it easier to learn for those who read music.  We get our name from our original company – Wahsilwoc Ocarina Whistles.

We believe creativity is the key element to any endeavor.  Creativity is developed by applying an element of fun to what we do.  Fun is an important and necessary part of life that is often overlooked.  When one has fun the creative juices begin to flow which bring about new ideas that can truly improve our lives and culture.  We are a culture of fun.

We bring more fun to life by incorporating a surprise musical element into each design.  Each Wowflute is specially designed to be played by ear specifically to help one nurture their own creativity and have fun in the process.  We like to make our products portable, which makes it easy to have some fun added to your pocket or around your neck. We make our products colorful by incorporating artistic impressions and style.  Each Wowflute is unique to you.

We offer three basic tiers of Wowflute and many other products of fun.

The Handmade Swirl Wowflute, designed out of our love of color – made from durable polymer clay swirled into one-of-a-kind patterns.

The Tritan Wowflute, designed specifically for the outdoors from tough Tritan Copolyesters – makes it virtually indestructible.

The Relic Wowflute, designed as a new form of musical jewelry – handcrafted out of select precious metals, it is a classy piece of art to treasure for a lifetime.

Wowflute infographic process