Ocarina Music


Each Wowflute is tuned to the pentatonic scale which is similar to the Native American Flute.  We have created our own fingering method which we feel is an easier way to play.  All our ocarinas are the same fingering and are based on a six hole structure.  Four finger holes on top and two thumb holes on the bottom.  Each ocarina is played with two fingers and a thumb from each hand.

Five of the six holes on each Wowflute are the same size and therefore have the same change in pitch.  This allows for easy learning as the tones are created by the amount of holes covered of your choice, rather than a specific hole pattern.

Each Wowflute is chromatic as each note can bend according to the amount of air pressure that is applied in playing.

We have several music books available that include well known tunes and melodies.


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