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The Relic Wowflute Kickstarter

The Relic - by Wowflute Designs -- Kicktraq Mini

Our newest addition to Wowflute Designs is The Relic Wowflute!  Please visit our Project the Relic Wowflute on Kickstarter and become a backer.  We have many rewards to choose from.  By becoming a backer you will be helping in the creative process of furthering the idea of the closed vessel flute.

We appreciate your time in visiting our site and we hope you find our products as interesting as we do!

Each Relic Wowflute is handcrafted by Joseph Cowlishaw out of bronze and will come with a lanyard. Each one will be packaged in a velvet bag inside a beautiful Heartwood Creations Secret Box with a Kokopelli flute player glyph engraved on the lid.

Relic Wowflute & Heartwood Creations Box

We will be producing the Relic Wowflute when we reach our goal before Monday, November 3, 2014. We love producing new products and we are grateful to all those who want to be the first to own them!.

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