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Four Hour Reading


So last night I fell asleep quite early on my recliner in the living room, around nine o’clock or so. I woke up around eleven and for some reason was wide awake. I felt as if I had slept the whole night!

I climbed the stairs to my room and my wife was already asleep – mostly.

I remembered that I had bought a book for my nook app on my iPhone that I had been wanting to read for a long time – “The Four Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferris

I opened my app and began reading… Four hours later, almost, I didn’t realize how quickly the time flew by. I was enjoying the concepts and ideas in Tim’s book so much. He talks a lot about how to work smarter rather than harder. Hard work is important, but if it’s hard because you don’t know how to do it – that’s just a pure waste of time. Especially if someone already knows how to do it and is an expert. Experts have just gone through all the mistakes before and found out what didn’t work.

I was thinking about how there are always lateral choices in the decision making process. I have always said that there is a whole alphabet of choices not just a or b. Then it hit me last night that there are numerous alphabets in numerous different languages as well, that leads to an abundance of choices!

Choices are good.  I sometimes struggle with making decisions mainly between two good choices.  I have found that making quick choices leads to either finding a better choice more quickly or being happy with your choice.  Life is about choices big and small.  Everyday we are bombarded with choices: What to eat, should I go to work, how many cookies should I eat… ect, ect, ect…  Some choices are easier when we have already made them in advance.  This mainly is applicable to avoiding wrong choices and situations.  I am reminded of the song by the group BNL – “Never is Enough”.  I think never is enough for many of the choices that one may face.

Choose the Right is a major teaching tool with my LDS (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) faith.  Choosing is critical to advancing life and choosing the right is key.  I also think choosing the wrong sometimes helps us to understand a bit better why it is wrong.  Now I don’t condone choosing the wrong on purpose, but if we never choose we do not go anywhere.  The choice is the first step in a certain direction.  So choose quickly and decide as you go whether it was a good choice or not.  Chances are the first choice is usually your best!

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