The Relic Wowflute


The Relic Wowflute is a high quality piece of jewelry that can be worn and played anywhere and treasured as a relic.

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Handcrafted out of bronze and other precious metals, the Relic Wowflute is truly a one of a kind experience when it comes to jewelry. It was envisioned with dual functionality in mind.  It is a fully functional ocarina and a classy piece of art to treasure for a lifetime. Discover the Relic Wowflute for yourself!

Each Relic Wowflute is currently made to order individually with high quality craftsmanship.  It is tuned by ear individually to match the Native American Flute style of playing and incorporates Wowflute Designs own fingering system.

Each Relic Comes with:

  • A Fingering Chart and simple instructions for use
  • All the music Wowflute Designs has created to date delivered electronically in PDF to an email of your choice
  • Lanyard
  • Velvet Bag

Each Relic Wowflute is made to order.  Expect 1-2 weeks before delivery in the Continental USA.

(Kokopelli Padauk Secret Box pictured – sold separately) available from Heartwood Creations:

Heartwood Creations Kokopelli Secret Box

Sample Music –

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 1.25 × .75 in


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