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Utah UFO Fest


This is a shot I got at night with my bro while we were passing through Ely, Nevada. It was somewhat strange that the road leading out of town lead to complete blackness after the streetlights faded.

I am excited to be a Co-Founder of Utah’s first UFO Fest that will be held in Cedar City next August 19-23rd, 2015.

It amazes me how much evidence that is readily available that shows there is a real anomaly occurring all over the world that is not fully recognized or understood. Many people in Utah think of the UFO question as taboo or as a means to take advantage of the misinformed. This is why we are planning the UFO fest. To get people to talk about the topic in a public discussion that hopefully will not feel out of place.

Can’t wait to go to UFO Congress down in Tucson, AZ this February!


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